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Eatery 101 is open Monday to Friday from 11:00am to 2:00pm for Lunch service only for the Spring Semester. See you soon!

Eatery 101 now has complimentary parking in Lots T & Q!! Simply note down your license plate number and present it to the host/hostess when you arrive! No need to pay & display!

With a vision to create a learning environment that would benefit students in the Culinary Management and Hospitality Management programs at St. Clair College, the College raised the bar by creating a high end restaurant environment with high standards in every aspect of customer satisfaction. Introducing Eatery 101, A Taste of Class.

"Class" is in - at Eatery 101 - and tantalizing and enticing flavours are a prerequisite for every item offered on our sumptuous menu. Eatery 101 combines an appetizing blend of a modern yet warm and comfortable atmosphere fused with truly eclectic eats. The focus is on fresh and colourful ingredients and stunning presentation.

Eatery 101 offers our students a real-world working experience as part of their curriculum. From front of house operations to preparing unique signature dishes in a state-of-the-art kitchen - students working and learning at Eatery 101 are given the type of environment which nurtures and builds the skills they need to take out into the industry.

The standards are high because the integrity of the Eatery 101 dining experience demands it.

See for yourself. For reservations call 519-972-2726.